Coding Classes at Home!

Building the Future with Super Coders

Super Coders brings tutors to your home for a 1 hour lesson full of fun each week.  At the end of the term, all students will get together to showcase what they learned (think piano recital type event)!





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Benefits of Super Coders

Learn code at home and then come together to showcase, learn, inspire and be inspired!


Convenience of Home

We know families are busy so our coding teachers come to your home every week!  The teachers can teach up to 3 children at the same level during the same 1 hour time slot.  Contact us to try your first class!

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Learn Presentation Skills

When you join Super Coders, your child has the opportunity to showcase their work to other kids at the end of the term!  Kids can develop presentation skills and be inspired by others.

Help We've Got Kids

“What is important is that kids develop confidence in using technology, as well as a basic understanding of how the digital world works and how they can help to shape it.”

Our Philosophy

Super Coders was founded by mother, Renata Vaccaro, a successful technology professional with a degree in computer science.  Renata passionately believes teaching children technology is important for them to feel comfortable and empowered in a technological world.  After her son went through elementary school without learning any code and very little about technology, she decided to launch her own coding school for kids.


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